Hi. I’m Joe.

I’m a very serious person.

In fact, the Buzzfeed Marvel Superhero quiz even said I’m Spiderman (*if you’re a member of the Avengers, a recruiter, reporter, or foreign spy, here’s a more professional bio).

Let’s be internet friends

I post videos on TikTok or Youtube, and my day to day life on Instagram. I publish my absolutely flawless code on GitHub. If you actually know me professionally feel free to connect on LinkedIn. Oh and my Venmo is @itsjoekent.

If you would like to discuss starting a religious cult or other forms of fraudulent schemes with me, please contact me directly, [email protected]

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I like to make absurd stuff.

For the bit

“If life is a game, then we must measure our success by how many side quests we complete” - Said by no one, ever, I think.